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Smoky Doky Red Devil BBQ Sauce 

 this sauce is XXX Hot! Made with a blend of spices from India and Mexico - this is for the chili heads that like to suffer through their meals - go ahead, challenge your friends! 

Smoky Doky Beef Rub -

made in house daily - bold and peppery spice blend - used in house on all our smoked briskets and tri tips - also great on veggies and in savory sauces

slow-smoked, real-wood barbecue

Catering Deals

Smoky Doky Original BBQ Sauce -this is the sauce that put Smoky Doky on the map!  - our Pitmaster's original recipe and still our customer's overall favorite.  

Smoky Doky Spicy BBQ Sauce -

Our original BBQ sauce with a special kick! Spicy enough to get your attention and flavorful enough to make it your fave sauce on just about anything.  

Smoky Doky BBQ

Barbecue Restaurant - 223 W Anaheim St. - Wilmington, CA

Smoky Doky Pork Rub -proprietary blend - sweet and peppery, bold and delicious - used in house on all our smoked pork and chicken - use liberally in all your favorite dishes

open super bowl sunday 

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Smoky Doky BBQ is family owned. 

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